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The Big Fake Wedding Charleston - Sept 2016

Back in September I was invited to do the flowers for a fake wedding. “Pardon?” I said to the chipper voice on the other end of the phone. I had heard of The Big Fake Wedding a while back and I admit I didn’t pay too much attention to the details at the time but the more I heard about the event the more excited I became. “What a fun idea!” I screeched back into the phone.

The Big Fake Wedding is effectively a big vow- renewal party. The company travels all over the U.S. gathering vendors to put on weddings as an alternative to a typical bridal trade show. A real married couple comes in and is dressed, coiffed, and decorated by local wedding vendors. The guests at the wedding are newly or soon-to-be-engaged couples and wedding enthusiasts. After the ceremony there is dining, dancing, a meet and greet with the vendors, and a pretty little send off. As a brand new business, this was an awesome opportunity to meet potential clients but also befriend other industry professionals, some of who have already become very special people in my life.

The party was beautiful. The people were lovely. The food was delicious! I was really tickled to be a part of the event and am even more delighted to see the photos and look back on the fun time. If you’re planning a wedding in Charleston I’d suggest looking at the complete vendor list posted on The Big Fake Wedding website (and read about the party while you’re at it!) The fantastic curators over at Ruffled have also run a feature on the BFW Charleston and I am more than thrilled to see our flowers in every featured photo.

Venue: The Gadsden House - Catering: DuvallCoordinator: Luke Wilson EventsFloral Design: Lux & Union – Hair & Makeup: Pampered & PrettyVideography: Meade AgencyPhotography: Christina Pugh Photography, Nicole Huffman

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