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Kelly & Kevin - Wingate Plantation

As a wannabe hippie beekeeper with a farm and an extensive flower garden, Wingate plantation really blew my socks off. I can’t believe I made it this far into my existence without visiting this place. It’s really something.

We got to work with the exceptionally wonderful Samantha Anderson on Kelly and Kevin’s wedding out on Johns Island and the whole process was smooth and lighthearted and a wonderful little dream brought to life. I was secretly pretending this was my wedding day. And this is my bouquet. And this is the tree James Marsden and I will stand under when he vows to be mine forever.

I trailed off there.

And just when I thought this day couldn’t get more beautiful, I saw Kelly. Look at these photos. Look at this gorgeous couple.

Venue - Wingate Plantation / Wedding Planner - Samantha Anderson Events / Photography - Ava Moore Photography

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