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An Intimate Rooftop Wedding

There's something super great about small weddings. Not just small weddings but tiny, personal, intimate weddings with just the people you can't live without. This is what Eugenia had in mind when she told me she was getting married on a rooftop with less than ten people making up her guest list. I love this sort of thing. We had the joy of being able to really study every detail and Eugenia and I worked like a team to decide what would work best, where we thought things should be, and how great it would all look. Most of all things I was excited that Eugenia loved color. "Purple!" she told me without an ounce of uncertainty. "...and warm reds and maybe a touch of blue..." My brain started running through it's encyclopedia of purple flowers. "Oh and I love yellow! Is yellow too much?"

I loved Eugenia's enthusiasm as much as she just really loves flowers.

Her wedding day had perfect sunny weather up of the roof of the Restoration Hotel and we looked out over the Charleston rooftops while people in nearby hotel rooms looked out over Eugenia's wedding.

Venue / The Restoration Hotel - Photographer / Trevor Mercer - Officiant / Kasey King

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