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Karen & Carson - Pepper Plantation

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I was oddly nervous about this wedding. The venue was new to me and Karen happened to a good friend of the wedding planner. "Don't screw this up, Lu!" I mumbled to myself when I found out they chose Lux to do their florals. Something about the bride and the planner sharing a history of cahoots with each other made me question even the most basic floral procedures. Though nothing suggested either of them were uptight or picky, I realized if the bride isn't happy, the planner will feel guilty ... for the rest of their friendship. It felt oddly close to home wrecker territory.

But all my worry was for naught because the week of the wedding I shifted into a bum-like zen mode and was completely unfazed and quite calm. More calm than usual actually and folks started asking me if I was feeling alright.

When we arrived at Pepper Plantation in cars loaded with flowers, I knew it would work out fine. The place was beautiful even without pretty pink petals and baby blue linens. We made soft pink centerpieces, fluffy bouquets, and greenery runners filled with sparkly candles and plump blooms. I didn't get to see the bride and groom on the big day, so getting my hands on their gorgeous photos by Catherine Ann Photography made my whole week. Here's to the sweet, happy couple.

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