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Audrey & Patrick - Charleston Yacht Club

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I often see blurbs written from various wedding industry people that remark about how they love their clients and they always get the "best brides." I scoff and roll my eyes at this because I know a little secret that they don't: It's me. I get the best brides. Audrey, while sweet and delightful, was also just plain easy to work with. She had an idea of what she wanted, gave me the facts, and confirmed my designs. That was that.

She and Patrick had a seaside ceremony at the Charleston Yacht Club that was followed by lots of laughing and dancing and wedding cake. (I mention the cake because I got to have a slice while we packed up that night and any tear-down that involves wedding cake makes for an ok reason to be heavy-lifting at midnight.)

Audrey wanted soft but happy blooms and the tiniest little floral collar for her pup that rode down the aisle in a little wooden boat! We made a few hydrangea centerpieces, lots of peachy bud vases, and a bridal bouquet with the most beautiful garden roses.

Ahh a breezy seaside celebration....

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