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A Sailboat Shoot

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

In preparation for my second go'round at the Big Fake Wedding, some fine local folks and I partook in a promotional photo shoot aboard some nice man's sailboat on a chilly day in January. The lot of us lugged heaps of decorative bee-bobs down the long long dock and up some ramps and down some ramps and then hoisted it all up onto the bobbing stage that was a mesh floor between the two hulls of a shiny, white catamaran.

On this day we fussed over flowers, champagne, makeup, dresses, and whether the tiny, white boat was too shiny and white. We had popsicles, cookies, and blankets made of towels that Hilary had in her car. This was a happy bunch of folks and I had to leave a little early that day so I was especially delighted to see the final photos from the parts of the day that I missed. Should you need anything for a party, I'd consult first from the list at the bottom of this post. Great folks I say. Great folks.

Take a look at Junebug's feature for more photos of these great folk's great works.

Photography - Moving Mountains Photography / Calligraphy - Kayla Sue Letters / Coordination + Champagne Bar - Chs Bubbly Bar / Makeup - Makeup by Megan / Bridesmaids dresses - Bella Bridesmaids / Popsicles - King of Pops / Stationary - Raw City Paper / Wedding Dress - Mount Pleasant Bridal / Cookies - Bullfish Cookie Company / Model - Hilary Rose

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