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Rachel & Rob - Magnolia Plantation

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Boy oh boy this wedding felt like such a doozie at the time. Rachel got in touch with me only a few months after we were officially open for business and right away she was a voice of excitement and confidence. She knew Lux was brand new and somehow she decided to trust us with her big, Big Day. We worked together on her wedding plans for a year and I was really excited about it. It was the biggest job we had on the books so far and since Rachel knew exactly what she wanted, she was thorough and organized and I felt like she was setting me up for a win, holding my hand, just certain that it would all be fine. I wondered why she had so much confidence in us. We didn't have a single review yet! And you know, people take reviews seriously.

Since Rachel's wedding we've had a handful of celebrations on a similar scale with lots of details and unique elements but Rachel and Rob's day is as clear in my mind as it was on that beautiful morning in October, setting up our biggest wedding yet.

You never forget your first. Especially when it's this beautiful.

Planner - Mod Events / Videographer - Artistic Eye Productions / Cake - Ashley Bakery / Band - Charleston Groove Factory / Hair & MakeUp - Meg Workman / Dresses - Lovely Bride & Southern Protocol / Photography - Catherine Anne Photography

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