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Lux FAQs

Y'all, I kind of forgot I started a blog.  I’ve been so busy scheming great things for you that I haven’t been keeping an eye out for blog worthy flower news. I’ve got a bunch of fun information and photos coming your way but I’m required to keep mum until given publishing clearance. (There is a surprising amount of tongue-holding in the wedding industry. Several months can pass between a gorgeous wedding and you seeing the photos on Instagram). So I thought I’d take this time before an upcoming big announcement (brace yourself for next Sunday!) to do an unofficial FAQs post. Since starting this business these are the five questions I get most often. Well, four questions, and a statement I have a compulsion to retort.


From the top:


1) Where is your business located?

-I work out of my home on James Island! I have a great, bright and sunny workspace. If I wind up needing a lot of additional space, I move my operation to a spare office that is dangerously close to a Chic-fil-a. (The butcher-block surface in a lot of the Instagram photos, that’s my kitchen table.)


2) Who takes your pictures?

-I do! I’ve always loved photography but I also find it daunting at times. I shot for years before I started shooting weddings and then I found myself more fixated on shooting the florals and tablescapes than the people at the wedding! I’ve grown past that major blunder but that was the start of my love for styling scenes.


3) Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

-Flower farms sell to brokers and businesses in pre-grouped bundles and most flowers are grown outside of the United States. (Holland, Colombia, and the Philippines have huge flower farm industries) The cost of shipping plus the requirement to buy a certain number of every type of flower means we wind up having to pay for more than we need. On the bright side, this means we can put the extra flowers into different parts of the wedding for more pizzazz.


4) What’s the worst part of doing flowers?

-Watching people destroy my arrangements! I try to not blame them. I don’t expect people to know the ends and outs of plant care anymore than they can expect me to understand their finance business but people are so rough with flowers! Sometime parents let their kids rip petals apart. Groomsmen tend to pull their boutonnières off as soon as they can. (I always find at least one trampled on the ground after each wedding.) Sometimes it’s unavoidable. Like hydrangeas wilt so easily if it’s hot out and yet, brides want them lining the aisle on a blazing day in July. I understand. I just hate sending my blooms off to a warzone.


5) Oh flowers! What a pretty job!

-It is pretty (and it smells good!) but floral work is brutal. It’s heavy, wet, and prickly. We routinely require toolboxes for installations. Ladders, hammers, zip-ties? Check! We carry 5-gallon buckets of water. We cut our hands on thorns, knives, and broken glass. And we handle lots of panicky family members. If you mixed small-scale construction with psychiatry, you have the wedding industry.


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