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I work with a lot of brides and I love my brides. I love weddings! Something I’m constantly explaining to brides is why the cost of flowers is so high. And here’s the deal. Flowers are sold in pre-set bundles from the flower farms. Take roses for example. They come in packs of twenty-five. Maybe you only want six or seven roses in your mixed bouquet, but I still have to order a minimum of twenty-five. Remember Steve Martin’s hotdog bun meltdown in Father of the Bride? That’s how I feel about buying flowers.


I got to thinking about grocery store flowers. Grocery store flowers are great. Where else can we buy “just for fun” flowers for loved ones without having to buy a $60 arrangement and another boring vase? But what I hate about the grocery store setup is as simple as limited options. Sometimes I don’t like what they’ve paired together and sometimes I really like a particular flower but I’d have to buy the whole bouquet just to have the one little guy I like! And a final third point, I really love a vase full of greenery. Grocery stores never sell greenery.

So I was thinking about the unfair flower bundles and how weddings and birthdays shouldn’t be the only times that are cause for buying flowers. Maybe I want to buy a handful of flowers for a dinner party or my bedside table and not have to spend a small fortune. So I’ve come up with a way to break the bundles and the best part, you don’t have to be a bride. This for everyone. It’s for “just because” flower lovers.


This is Petals, Charleston’s mobile, pop-up flower shop. She’s a Christiania Bicycle turned Euro-flower market. We’re selling flowers (and greenery) by the stem. You get to build your own bouquet and you only pay for what you want. Don’t trust your floral design skills? Don’t worry. I’ll be there to help you out. You’ll be a pro in no time.


Petals made a brief debut at the most recent Second Sunday on King. I had such high hopes for that day and woke up to grey skies and a whipping chilly wind. “It's going to be fine!” I said to no one, and we loaded up and headed out. The two hours we stood in the rain on King street with the flower bike was enough to give us the sniffles and loose feeling in our fingers. I’m quite certain I saw a few flurries float to the ground that day. Sometimes stuff like this really makes you angry and sometimes it gives you a case of the giggles. We were in stitches about the dismal scene and the look of excitement and pain on people’s faces when they spotted the bike as they were running for cover. “That’s the cutest thing ever!” a grown man shouted to me as he scampered by. We’re going to venture out again for the next Second Sunday coming up in December and we really hope you love her as much as we do. For updates on Petals’ whereabouts, keep an eye on our Instagram page. 



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