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Jennings and Bride Tips

The bubbly and delightful Charleston photographer, Jennings King featured some of our thoughts for her spunky segment, Bride Tip Tuesday. The concept is simple - three tips for a bride planning a wedding. Here's what we think.


1) Look for areas to reuse arrangements!

 Ceremony arrangements and bridesmaid's bouquets are abandoned after you say “I do.” Designate someone (or your planner) to place bouquets on bars, lounge tables, or the cake table to save some money and get more mileage out of your flowers.


2) Don’t over think the trends.

Remember that Pinterest and wedding blogs are about a year behind the times. What you’re seeing now is from last year’s weddings. Be your own trendsetter. Decide what YOU want to see on your wedding day and delight in it.

Best case – brides will be pinning your wedding ideas.

Worst case - you’ll look back and chuckle.


3) If you’re not into flowers, ask your florist to use what’s in season.

It’s a little less expensive than using specialty flowers that have to be flown in from Asia and a good florist can work magic with even the most basic of blooms.





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