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Jenna & Adam - The Riley Park Club

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

It brings me great please to announce that Jenna and Adam were the first couple to celebrate their nuptials at The Riley Park Club. That's a milestone! I met Jenna at Joe Riley Stadium and she made me laugh with her sweet observations and her worries about the wedding seeming too sporty. I listened intently, but I was distracted by her bright, sparkly eyes.

We wandered all around the baseball stadium, took measurements, and admired the view. I walked away feeling calm and content. I knew this would be a beautiful wedding and I knew Jenna would be gracious to work with. Looking back on the pictures of the wedding day made me feel lighthearted. It seemed like such a genuinely happy occasion.

Venue - The Riley Park Club / Photography - Aaron and Jillian

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