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Alison & Joe - The Old Exchange

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Alison reached out to us for her wedding flowers and it was like receiving a Shakespearean sonnet. Her sentences were so fluid and meaty. "Are you a writer?" I asked in my response. "I'm an archeologist!" she replied. I was immediately in love with her. How different and clever and interesting. "You mean you're a modern day Indiana Jones?" I turned into an excitable child. She assured me it was much less adventure and much more paperwork but I wouldn't have it. Alison became my new hero and I looked forward to her poetic emails and exciting ideas.

We went with an earthy, Fall theme for her blooms and made some fun pampas grass centerpieces which you can see hanging out behind one very excited dancer. Just before their wedding, Alison's job moved her and Joe to Scotland. She just keeps getting cooler.

Planning - Samantha Anderson Events / Photography - Melissa Toms / Venue - The Old Exchange / Catering - Salthouse Catering

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