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Laura & Brett - A Backyard Wedding

I had big floral plans for my wedding day. That's me up there by the way, and my fella, Brett. I was going to do a big floral entrance-way and a chandelier full of blooms ... but then the time came and I was too excited about all of my favorite people being in town and I didn't want to waste precious visiting time to do... work. "This is my wedding. I'm taking the day off!" ( I learned the valuable lesson of not taking on large wedding jobs when you are, in fact, the bride.) So I kept it simple and bright. Warm, happy colors and a touch of tropical. ("Jurassic Park Chic.")

Admittedly, I never once noticed any of the flowers, or the linens we picked out or any of the details we fussed over when planning the day. It was a whirlwind of sweaty hugs and giant smiles and dancing friends. It was the best day and I wouldn't change a single detail, except that bit where my ring went missing. That part was scary.

The Dream Team:

Photography - Taylor Rae Photo / Catering - Salthouse Catering / Cutting Cake - This Must Be The Cookie / Wedding Cake - Ashley Bakery / Rentals - Snyder Events / Band - Emerald Empire / Dress - Bridals by Jodi / Hair - Lovely Chelsea / Linens - BB&J

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